The Social Media Shortcut You've been wishing for!

✔️Stop wasting hours wondering what to post
✔️Say goodbye to generic, spammy content

✔️Give it to your VA and let them run with it

✔️Based on a proven posting strategy that builds credibility and trust with sellers


Social Media Made Easy

Your 2023 Social Media Plan is done!


This is the ideal content calendar for Real Estate Investors who know that when it comes to marketing, social media is the best way to leverage their resources. This calendar takes the guesswork out of what to post so you can build credibility and create trust with motivated sellers, contractors, agents, lenders, and other investors or wholesalers.

This system takes the thinking and planning out of your schedule so you can focus on what matters most: operating and growing your business!

Here's What You'll Find Inside

  • Every single day of 2023 already planned for you (365 post topics in calendar format)
  • Tried and trusted post topics that thousands of successful investors have used to generate leads, grow their network, and leave their competition behind
  • A conversion strategy that will promote your business and generate consistent leads
  • A content strategy that works for any content format and any social media platform
  • The network posting guide - We've taken the guesswork out of knowing which platform is most ideal for your content
If you're ready to have 2023 be the year you finally take control of your social marketing, to build a community, and develop a 24/7 lead source, then this is the content calendar for YOU!

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What's Inside?

  • 365 post ideas for real estate investors
  • PDF and Google Sheets formats!
  • Baked-in content strategy to build your audience of motivated sellers, agents, contractors, lenders, investors and wholesalers!
  • 15 content categories including: FAQs, Humor, Polls, and more!
  • Network posting guide so you know which content categories to post on each network!
  • Invitation to our private Facebook Group!
How it Works
Every month contains a powerful posting strategy 
Just follow the prompts to start developing a social presence filled with a highly engaged, targeted audience who is ready to work with you!
Promotion Posts: 
The purpose of PROMOTE content is to build credibility and attract your ideal audience.
Engaging Posts: 
The purpose of ENGAGE content is to get your audience talking to you. These post types also work to establish you as a local brand with deep ties to the city or area you serve.
Nurturing Posts: 
The purpose of NURTURE content is to provide useful information that your audience will find helpful, relatable, and interesting.
Conversion Posts: 
The purpose of CONVERSION posts is to turn your audience into offers. These posts have a very direct call to action for motivated sellers who are experiencing a distressed situation.

Social Media That Works for You!

Benefit A

365 Post Ideas

Your 2023 social media plan is done, so you can focus on building and running your business!

Benefit B

Convert Motivated Sellers

Attract motivated sellers convert them from audience to offers!

Benefit C

Proven Strategy

Use the same strategy that thousands of investors have used to build their business!

Benefit D

Build Your Network

Post ideas to develop and nurture key relationships with agents, contractors and more!

Benefit E

Private Facebook Group

This exclusive group is dedicated to helping investors learn how to leverage social media!

Benefit F

Outsource Everything

Save even more time when you hand the system over to your assistant and let them run with it!