4 Types of Social Media Content Investors Must Post

My aim in this article is to push past the smoke and mirrors and give you some actionable advice about the 4 types of social media real estate investors need to be posting about, and what you need to stop posting about.

Content Pillars

If you’re wondering what you should be posting on social media, then it’s likely you’ve done a Google search already. In those search results, you’re going to hear the terms “content pillars” over and over again. None of those articles actually explains what those pillars should be and that’s because they don’t understand real estate investing. (They might understand real estate agents, but that’s as close as it’s going to get.)


For those of you who didn’t do the Google search, content pillars are at the foundation of every professional social media strategy. They are basically 3-5 high-level topics that move the needle in your business. Think of them like topic “buckets.”


For real estate investors content usually looks like this:

  1. I buy as-is
  2. All cash offers
  3. Fast close
  4. My latest flip
  5. Fire damage, water damage, probate, foreclosure, divorce, bankruptcy, etc.

Those are not content pillars as much as they are just topics that would fall under a single pillar: About Us.


Not only are you going to burn out your audience with those posts, but you’re missing out on at least three other content pillars that we recommend for real estate investor social marketing:

  1. About Us
  2. Like Us
  3. Trust Us
  4. Support Us

Let’s take a look at each pillar so you can begin developing your content.

About Us

Most investors don’t have any problem with this one. This pillar would cover everything about your business including what houses you buy, and your buying process.

Do not overdo the content here. Ideally, you only want to post about your company once per month. This is all it takes for people to see that your business is active and they can quickly understand what it is you do.

Like Us

The Like Us pillar is content that shows the person behind the logo.


Sellers want to do business with people, not a faceless entity. Showing the person behind the operation is the hardest part for investors to overcome. It’s a lot easier to stay in your comfort zone behind the keyboard and stock art. This pillar is the place where your selfies get to shine…as long as they have context. By that I mean, wrap your post message around your selfies and tell the audience why that picture should matter to them.

Trust Us

Social media is a fantastic platform to build credibility. Showing that your business is actively flipping and looking for another house to buy is good, but it doesn’t go far enough to build trust.
Here you’re going to want to show your core values, empathy, and focus on the solutions you’ve provided for others.

Remember, you are dealing with an asset that is the most valuable investment most people will ever make. Add to that, the situation can be emotionally charged. Both of these circumstances mean that a great deal of trust is required to get a deal over the line.

Support Us

This is the “secret sauce” pillar.

Here is where you will expertly tie a passion project to your investing business. Do you love to rescue dogs? Are you a military vet? Do you want to save the rainforest, end hunger or bring water to Africa? I know, it sounds out of left field, but when used correctly, this pillar will earn instant trust and help you gain an audience that is all yours.

Content Planning

REI Social content has these pillars built into the monthly content we provide, all you need to do is copy, paste, and post.
If you’re more of a DIY, Download our FREE 2021 Social Media Planner. This will help you schedule post topics so you don’t burn out your audience on We Buy Houses posts.