5 Powerful Ways Social Media Fuels Your Business

With the rapid advancements in technology we have seen over the past few years, there is an ever-growing trend of real estate investors turning to social media. With this new ability to market quickly at practically for free, more investors are coming onto the scene. So what does that mean for your real estate business? Fortunately, it is nothing but great news! Whether you are a real estate investor, lender, or wholesaler, social media is a quick and innovative way of expanding your reach and building credibility with your current and future clients.So how can social media help your real estate business? 

1. Go to where your customer is!

One of the most important approaches to business is meeting your customer where they’re at. In this day and age, you’d be hard-pressed to find someone who is not on social media. Some examples of social media platforms are Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and even YouTube. And let’s face it, not every business owner understands social media, let alone how to use it to market their business. This is your chance to take advantage of a marketing space that isn’t flooded with bandit signs and text messages. 

2. Position yourself as the expert

Using social media to market your business, you get a powerful opportunity to position yourself as a real estate expert. For example, if you are looking to establish a social presence as a top real estate investor, your posts could reflect your industry knowledge and experience, properties you have invested in, and what your life as a real estate investor looks like daily. That is a sure-fire way of growing an audience and building credibility. And once your efforts bring about an increase in engagement and followers, then your networking starts!

3. Do it better than everyone else

Remember, you’re not the only one riding this wave! There are other real estate investors are on these platforms as well. But there are so many pitfalls that there is plenty of opportunity for you to stand out. Most investors on social media have boring posts, post too frequently or not enough, or just don’t follow through by replying to comments and building the relationship. It is not rocket science, it just takes time and effort, but not everyone is willing or able to do it.

4. Use every tool in your toolbelt

The use of a social media platform is another way of expanding your marketing efforts, another tool in your toolbelt. You still need to do your e-mail blasts, referral chains, and cold calls – all of which are adding to the growth of your business. But social media is not only an additional tool to support those marketing efforts, it also helps you establish a unique presence in a world where that is critical – and frequently hard to do.

5. Direct the traffic

Lastly, your social media platform is another way to bring your clients where you need them to be. Even a new real estate investor can get a website easily enough – and regardless of where you get a lead, people are going to head to your website at some point to check you out. A nice pipeline using social media in this instance looks like this: 

  1. You use your Instagram account (on which you are actively building credibility) to post about a new property for a retail buyer.
  2. You would incorporate different calls to action leading to your website (links in both the post itself and in the description of the post). Your website adds to your credibility.
  3. You make your posts easy to share so that your followers can also post about it for their followers to see. This makes your reach infinitely bigger because you never know who knows somebody in this crazy world of real estate.

So how do I start using social media to boost my marketing NOW?

Social media is growing, its innovative, it’s infectious, and – most importantly – it is here to stay. Figuring out unique and exciting ways to work social media into your real estate business will lead directly to benefits for your sales. Expanding your reach can open up doors for you that you never dreamed possible. Sure, there’s a bit of a learning curve at first, but we have help for you! We have high-quality posts and a completely automated system to launch them from, taking the task from hours of work to mere minutes. And our system is so easy to use – and our posts so entertaining! – you may even begin to have some fun with it!

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