5 Ways Social Media Can Kill Your Real Estate Business

Social media is a powerful way to market your REI business, but that power cuts both ways. Social media can also be the death of your business and the mistakes that are most damning are so easy to make. Read on to find out how to avoid the five ways social media can kill your real estate business.

You’re Posting Too Little

As you watch your latest post gets buried under a drift of hundreds of others on Twitter, Instagram, or LinkedIn you can feel like a black hole requiring endless content to be created and published, and you would be right. If you want your voice to rise to the top, you’ll need to publish content consistently and keep it in front of people as much as possible. Nothing can give a worse impression than a social media account that looks deserted. Find out the magic posting frequency formula for real estate investors.

Your Hashtags are Not Unique

Like most social platforms, Instagram uses algorithms to monitor activity on its platform. When you use the same hashtags on every post you’re sending a signal to Instagram that you may be a spammer or bot. Repeating the same hashtags is just not something that a human or a legitimate person would do because it doesn’t make sense. Each post should have unique hashtags because each post has unique content. Be sure to change them up frequently to avoid any penalties. If you’re looking for inspiration, check out this free tool for hashtag data and trends.

You’re Breaking the 80/20 Rule

Constantly selling or asking for business is the quickest way to undermine your presence on social media. Follow the 80/20 rule means posting 80% useful, educational/informative content, and 20% promotional posts. The thing is, everyone knows if they’re following a business, then that business is looking to sell themselves. Remember though that the largest part of your sales funnel is made up of people who don’t even know they have a problem! Your job then is not to sell the solution, but to educate them about their problem.

You’re Not Staying Current

Between politics, pandemics, and pop culture it can be hard to stay informed. Be sure that you check your sources before sending a quote to the masses said by someone who may have fallen out of favor. Make sure you’re not giving out old advice about real estate transactions, and if you share a chart or data make sure it’s current.

You’re Not Paying Attention to Your Engagement

Things can go sideways on social media in the blink of an eye! You need to monitor all responses you get on every social profile. Not only can you miss a potential seller lead, but you could also miss an inflammatory comment. If a complaint on social media is allowed to sit on your account unresolved, it can quickly turn from a spark into a wildfire. Always respond to every comment, good, bad, or neutral! Not only will it show that you’re actively monitoring your business, but resolving a complaint is a great way to show how much you care.

Tools You Need to Thrive

Surviving the social media pitfalls isn’t enough if you want to grow your real estate business.  From scheduling to monitoring, REI Social has all the tools you need in one place. We even have the posts loaded and ready for you to share. Checkout REI Social’s monthly content and see how easy it can be to take your online presence to the next level.