The EASIEST Way to Automate Your Social Media Content to Attract Leads and Connections 24/7

Just Copy, Paste, and Post. No Copywriting Needed + No Graphic Design Skills

Use Social Media to Grow and Scale Your Business on ANY Social Platform in 3 Steps


For those that don't know me, I'm Jeune Ortiz. I'm best known for the coaching and internet marketing education I've provided to thousands of investors to help them start, grow and ultimately scale their businesses. Many have gone on to create 6 & 7 figure incomes and enjoy the life they have always dreamed about.

I'm going to show you the CONTENT CLUB, which is a ready-to-post social media system that will make the biggest difference when it comes to using social media effectively! This is a first-to-market system created specifically for real estate investors by real estate investors!

Because you're here, you already know that you need social media to grow your business, let me show you how the CONTENT CLUB will help you streamline social on any platform you choose.

Hiring a Social Media Manager or Agency
Can Cost Thousands
And Hiring "Professionals" Doesn't Mean You Won't Have to Train or Manage Them Too...
Before the CONTENT CLUB, investors had three options:
Do it themselves
Hire, train and manage a social media manager
Pay for an expensive agency
The fact is, no matter how you were doing it before, you were going to face a lot of challenges. Between trying to come up with creative ways to market yourself, or constantly hiring and training others to do it for you social media was difficult and costly.
Until now.
It's time to leverage a proven system that will save you time, money and create more opportunities.
If you want to leverage social media to reach millions of sellers on social media, then you need the CONTENT CLUB. If you're serious about growing your real estate investing brand,  now is the time to start making social media work for you.
Automating Social Media Content
Has Never Been Possible
Before the Content Club

With the Content Club

Countless wasting hours coming up with content: Producing quality content for a specialty niche like real estate investing is time consuming. That's why most social media managers will repurpose real estate agent content for you.
 Enjoy content written just for real estate investors like you: As investors ourselves, we understand your unique audience -- motivated sellers! We know how to make your brand shine so you can win before you even arrive for your first conversation with a seller!
Posting content that no one cares about: If you don't have a solid content strategy for your posts, you'll get low engagement, and won't build an audience that cares about your message.
The content strategy is built into every month of content: Each post and caption is designed to attract, nurture and convert followers of your brand. Engage and delight followers while building relationships with them.
Social media is expensive: Most managers and agencies will charge you per post and per network. This can add up quickly and end up easily costing $400 per month or more!
Save $1,200 per month: If you outsourced everything in the CONTENT CLUB you would spend thousands each month. Our low monthly price gets you content you can use on any platform (no extra fees!).
Hiring and training is time consuming: It's frustrating to hire "professionals" only to end up having to train them on everything including what marketing works for your business!
Perfect for outsourcing: If your assistant knows how to post on social media all you need to do is point them to the content and let them start scheduling it out for you. 
The Content Club Has Everything You Need
for a Powerful Online Presence

First of its kind system for investors

Post to unlimited platforms (no extra cost)

Includes pre-written caption content

Includes professionally-designed graphics

Pre-Written blog post (one each month)

Video scripts (perfect for Reels!)

Cloud-based (no installations)

Easy to use (even for non-techies) 

Outsource easily (with included training)

100% customizable or use as-is

Easy image editing with Canva (not included)

Training, tutorials and courses

New to Social Media?
Step-by-step Tutorials Guide You Through Everything You Need for a Powerful Presence!
Access Our Vault and 
Build Your Real Estate Authority Faster!
Access More than 1-Year of Content Club Posts and Blog Articles Inside the Content Vault!

The CONTENT CLUB UNLIMITED is the fastest way to way to pack your website and social media accounts with engaging content, and build your real estate authority as fast as possible. 

+ Access fresh social media posts each month
PLUS add on our giant archive of thousands of social media posts and graphics on top of your monthly delivery!
Bonus Training
Included When You Join!

Reach Expander Training

Find out how to use hashtags to expand your reach and attract even more sellers and networking opportunities!


Network Builder Training

You'll learn how to build a list of wholesalers and investors using a variety of free online tools -- start wholesaling the right way! 


Audience Builder Training

Short-form video is massively popular right now! Find out how to create it using the video scripts included inside the CONTENT CLUB!

Get Started Today!

*PLEASE NOTE: Our images are created and must be edited inside of Canva Pro. Canva is a separate subscription not included in the CONTENT CLUB.

Only $150/mo

Instant Access - Cancel Anytime

Only $175/mo

Instant Access - Cancel Anytime

14-Days Money Back Guarantee

Raise a support request within 14 days and work with my support team and myself personally to resolve your problem! If we can't resolve your issue with the CONTENT CLUB, and you're unable to use the assets, I'll give you ALL your money back with my 100% money-back guarantee.

(Before submitting a ticket, be sure you have an active Canva Pro subscription.)