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Jeune Ortiz

About REI Social

I developed REI Social after speaking with hundreds of other investors. I found that I wasn’t alone in the struggle to manage my time between marketing and doing the business.


I am a lifelong marketer with 30 years of experience in print, direct mail, content marketing, search engine optimization, and social media. Of all the marketing channels I’ve worked with, none of them can come close to social media’s impact. Not only can you target your message with pinpoint accuracy, but the speed at which you can see results is nearly instant.



As a marketing source for investors, social media is largely untapped. Most investors don’t understand how to use it to grow their business and establish their brand. I want to make it easy for investors to do that without having to learn everything about marketing from the start. Time is precious, and REI Social is meant to cut through the learning curve and simply put the power of social media into your hands.


I deeply believe that residential redevelopment can change lives and improve neighborhoods. You’ll see this passion to do good in the world reflected in the posts and training we create.