If You Can Copy and Paste, You Can Create a 24/7 Lead Source from Social Media

REI Social puts all the power of social media straight into your hands. If you can copy and paste you can start having a robust social presence that

✅ Establishes your credibility

✅ Builds your authority as a real estate expert

✅ Reaches motivated sellers, agents, contractors and lenders in your area

✅ Creates a unique memorable brand that separates you from your competitors


Everything You Need for Social Media in One Place

The Social Content Club is the best solution for solopreneurs or small teams that want the expertise of an agency and the flexibility of an in-house social media manager with a reasonable monthly price.


Artwork & Captions

Say goodbye to writer’s block for good. Monthly post artwork, content, and prompts so you always know just what to say and post every day of the week.


Strategy & Training

Weekly Livestreams on high-level strategies, one-on-one strategy sessions, and tutorials designed to empower your business growth.


Supportive Community

Facebook community for  investors learning and implementing social media in their businesses. Engaging challenges and support from other investors.


Does this sound like you:

  • A real estate investor wanting to attract inbound leads and referrals more consistently.
  • Struggling to post consistently.
  • You know you should be on social media, but you don't know how to get results from it.
  • Unsure about what to say so you waste hours trying to create even one post that no one cares about.
  • Tired of the never ending cycle of hand-to-mouth leads you have to chase.
  • Overwhelmed with all the different social media platforms and how to use them.
Those were my struggles too.
At first I tried to do it all myself, but I couldn't get traction because I was inconsistent - it was too time consuming and difficult to do every day.
I would spend hours overthinking what to post and then after I posted, no one even cared. I felt alone screaming into the void, and no one was listening.
Even when I turned to the professionals, my results  were not good. I wasted a lot of time training social media managers about how I'm not a real estate agent. 
In the end I ended up with so many motivational posts I sounded like a life coach.
Nothing was moving the needle. (Maybe you can relate?)

Then I had a breakthrough!

I realized I was saying all the wrong the wrong people.

I was creating the wrong type of content. Believe it or not, posting over and over about buying houses for cash is NOT the answer.
Distressed Seller content is NOT the best type of content to create.
I needed to lead with relationships not transactions.
I needed content that would build trust and connect with sellers, before they ever needed me.

Content that establishes a relationship with real people in my local community is what works.

After I retooled and refined my messaging I began getting warm leads and connecting with important referral partners.

And now, I'm on a mission to help you do the same.

I want you to have a steady source of warm leads so you don't have to rely solely on inconsistent hand-to-mouth leads.

So, I built a system to support busy investors like you from start to finish .


Get an entire month of high-quality content

ready to post to your accounts

for $150/mo.

A system for investors by investors:

6 Investors, One Content Club

Everything about the Content Club has been designed with your unique business in mind.
100% Editable Graphics - Use your logo, your colors and our graphics
100% Editable Captions - Copy and paste our captions, or edit them to suit your business perfectly


As an investor, you understand the power of leverage, so consider social media's unique leverage points...

The social platforms are the largest databases in the world.

You have free access to every single person inside them.

You can build a list for any resource you need like private lenders, motivated sellers, agent partners, contractor, and wholesalers.

A single post on social media works 24/7 to build credibility, and attract leads.

REI Social puts the power of social media into your hands without:

Having to sit through 18+ hours of online courses first...

Without filling out a workbook to find out what your logo should look like...

Without trying to understand what all the buttons are for...

If you can copy and paste, the power of social media is yours for the taking.