How Instagram and LinkedIn Can Help Your Business

Whether you’re starting a brand-new business from scratch, or looking to build upon one you’ve already started, you can’t go wrong with incorporating social media. Over the past few years, the world has seen social media platforms become a fixture in our lives. It doesn’t matter if it’s an Instagram page showing the best ways to tone your arms or a LinkedIn profile for a real estate investor looking for someone to fix and flip houses, social media is everywhere. That begs the question: How can you benefit from the use of social media in your efforts to expand your reach. Well, luckily, there are several options. Here are two social media platforms that can help market your business.


This image sharing platform launched in 2010 and immediately took the world by storm. With 26.9 million users worldwide, any business looking to find an audience would benefit greatly from a presence on this platform. To be successful with generating business from Instagram, you can start by following 3 simple steps.

1) Establish a Presence

Think of celebrities like Will Smith or Kim Kardashian. Instagram users are seeking updates from them daily on what’s going on in their lives. That’s because they established a presence. With their consistent posting of specific content, they have given their followers something to expect from them daily. Think about what your business centers around and how you can use that to enhance your online presence.

2) Have Fun With Your Audience

A large part of social media’s appeal is in its interaction. Your followers don’t want to feel like just another headcount or dollar sign. They want to engage in conversation with you! Be sure to ask them questions, answer any questions they ask you, and show support for their pages as well.

3) Get Them off the Site

While Instagram is a great vehicle to build your business, that vehicle has to go somewhere. Make that destination your website! This can be a personal blog, a professional page, or even a marketplace. As long as it is where you seek to do business, it is where you need to take your followers.


LinkedIn is like FaceBook for professionals. If you’re looking to expand your business, this platform will be of great benefit to you. That is because it is all about networking with other professionals. Since the goal of LinkedIn is to promote yourself, promote your business, and connect with potential clients or business partners, you won’t ever have to feel like you need to “sell without selling.” Here are 3 important ways to approach LinkedIn.

1) Tell Your Story

Users on LinkedIn want to know who they’re dealing with. The platform provides you the opportunity to put all of your business out there for any potential clients to see. You can do this through your profile page (a must!) as well as through a long, detailed post that you share.

2) Create a Showcase Page

A cool feature of LinkedIn is their showcase page. Using this feature, you can make a separate page with the sole purpose of showing off your product or brand. Even better, your showcase is an extension of your main profile so any interest you generate will lead effortlessly back to you.

3) Join Existing Groups

We all know how powerful word of mouth can be when trying to get your name out there. Participating in groups will help build a network of like-minded professionals in your field that can pass your name along to potential clients.

The Social World is Your Oyster

We’ve covered two very important platforms here, and both are especially useful for real estate investors. But don’t hesitate to look into every social media platform that is out there. Each one of them provides its unique way of helping you market your business and expand your reach. As you continue to develop, you’ll find that you prefer some more than others. That’s okay! Each has its own niche, and some will fit your style better. Just follow the best practices and you’ll see exactly why social media is a must-have when looking to build your business.

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