How It Works

The Easiest Social Media Solution You'll Find

You've got real estate deals to make and a business to run!

We believe you shouldn’t spend your time becoming a graphic designer or technology guru who understands every social media platform out there. 
So we did that for you and we made it dead-simple to use.

1. Sign Up for a Plan

Monthly and Quarterly plans get a fresh batch of posts delivered each month. Content is thoughtfully crafted with beautiful images and creative messages to engage your audience. Quarterly plan members get additional access to previous months' posts for a larger, more robust post library to choose from.

2. Schedule Your Content

Once you have access to the posts, you can use them as-is, or you can brand them before posting. Add your logo, brand colors, change fonts and even modify the main photo if you want. All messages are editable so you can add your own unique voice or call-to-action. Once everything is just right, download the posts and use your favorite scheduler like Hootsuite, Later, Sendible, etc.  

3. Make Connections

Engage with people who comment and like your posts to deepen your connections with them. Our posts are designed to speak to Motivated Sellers, Agents, Contractors, and other investors so you build a well-rounded community of contacts for referrals and fresh leads.

4. Celebrate Success

Yep, that's all there is to it. Once you're comfortable with the process, outsource this activity and free your time even more!

Now get back out into the field, sellers are waiting for you!

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