How This Investor Doubled His Engagement on Social Media

Getting found on social media is only half the challenge. This investor is not only building his audience, but he’s getting more engagement than ever before. We caught up with Jake Northern for this client case study to find out how he’s using REI Social to get these amazing results.

Jake's Houses

REI Social: Hi Jake, thanks for joining us! Tell us a little bit about your business and what kind of investment activities you do.

Jake: I do a mix of real estate investing in San Diego and Washington DC and am currently in the process of getting my realtor license.

REI Social: How long have you been using REI Social?
Jake: I’ve been using REI social for about a month now and I really love the service!

REI Social: That’s so awesome! We love hearing that! What is the biggest challenge REI Social solved for you?
Jake: The biggest challenge REI Social solved for me was creating intelligent, relevant content that my audience understood and would engage with. My engagement has doubled almost immediately since I joined REI Social.

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REI Social: That’s incredible! What has all this new engagement done for you?
Jake: REI Social saved me the headache of creating engaging content and the hassle of scheduling the posts through my mobile device, which was a huge pain-point for me!  As soon as I started scheduling posts using REI Social, my engagement sky-rocketed. My target audience was commenting on my post and filling up my inbox with requests for a phone call.

REI Social: What social platforms are you posting to?
Jake: Instagram, Facebook

REI Social: Our platform has a ton of features besides just the curated posts. There’s social listening, suggested content, blog feeds, scheduling features and more. Can you tell us what features of the posting platform do you like the best and why?

Jake: I like the post scheduling function that quickly allows you to post from your desktop device.  I really like that REI Social finds relevant blog posts that I can link to as well. The pre-made templates are an awesome bonus!

Engagement Posts
REI Social:  Which post types are you taking advantage of and what do you like best about them?
Jake: I primarily use this on Instagram and I’ve had numerous contacts of different types engage with my posts by leaving comments and sending direct messages.  The realtor and contractor posts are performing especially well.

REI Social: How long does it take you to schedule your posts for the week/month?
Jake: I used to take me over 4-6 hours to schedule posts using similar types of software since I had to create the content myself. With REI Social, I’m able to schedule a month’s worth of posts in about an hour.

Social Media Marketing for Real Estate Investors

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