Leverage the World’s Largest Databases and Make Competitors Irrelevant

Leverage is a word that most real estate investors are very familiar with. More than that, they understand at a very deep level the power that leverage can have. That’s why it’s always surprising when investors aren’t using social media to find motivated sellers.

Social media gives you marketing leverage in a way that other strategies can’t even come close to, but you need to use it the right way with the right goals in place from the start.

Use it to Build Authority

Many investors are busy chasing the next deal, and they don’t focus enough on building relationships that will sustain them. The result is being forced to chase these leads down every day and cobble together enough deals to sustain them. They may be surviving like this, but they are not thriving.

Social media has the ability to put you in the center of your community so you become a trusted real estate advisor.

Use it to Create a Blue Ocean

Instead of struggling to survive in the bloody shark-infested “Red Oceans” of vicious competition. The blue ocean theory promotes creating a space that is competitor-free, where you alone have an uncontested share of the market, and where competition is irrelevant.



The Red Oceans for real estate investors are those lists you’re currently getting that every other investor is using as well. You’re sending mail and SMS messages, but so are they. There’s no Blue Ocean to be had as long as you’re doing and saying the same thing as everyone else.


Social media can give you a unique voice, brand, and audience that no other investor can touch. It’s your list, (and your list alone), rich with motivated sellers and referral partners.

Use it to Target the Right People

When you use social media you have direct access to the world’s largest databases. These databases have more detailed and personal information about each person than any list you could dream of from a list provider. What’s more, is they give you free access to find them and target them with your message.

That’s right, free. I’m not talking about paid ads here.

When you use the right targeting and the right content, your posts will land on the ears and eyes of people who need your services or know of someone who does.

For investors who get on the social train now, this opportunity is only going to grow. According to Statista, “In 2026, the number of Facebook users in the United States is expected to reach 324.76 million, up from over 297 million in 2020.”


There’s no denying, motivated sellers are on social media.

The State of the Industry

It’s no secret that more and more investors are coming on the scene every single day. They are drawn by the looming potential of a housing market collapse due to mortgage forbearance policies recently enacted. They’re betting on bankrupt landlords to start ditching their properties.


The sharks are circling.


Sellers are increasingly skeptical about who they trust and do business with. They don’t want to get burned, so they’ve stopped answering the phone when a “potential spam” warning shows up. When your unsolicited text shows up, they block the number and mark it as spam. Your postcards and carefully worded yellow letters are hitting the recycle bin without a glance.


On top of the increased skepticism, your dream sellers have more choices than ever. Every house is getting flooded with offers from investors. Without anything more compelling, sellers are choosing the highest bidder.


Wouldn’t it be nice to have your own Blue Ocean where sellers gravitate to you instead?

There’s never been a better time to begin developing a voice and a community that will see you as a trusted advisor.


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