Need More Results from Your Social Media? Become a Leader.

If you’re a real estate investor who’s been using social media and not getting any traction on your posts, I have one question for you: Are you showing up as a leader?

Being a leader doesn’t mean you have the most experience, the largest audience, or the loudest voice. It means showing up consistently and with good character.   Let’s talk about consistency first because without it…why even bother?


As real estate investors, we have the privilege of helping people solve the problems they have be it a tough divorce, probate, or some other financial crisis. You also have the responsibility of guiding them through the best way to deal with their house in order to solve their problems. Don’t forget that their house is most likely the biggest financial investment they will ever make in their life — there’s a lot on the line!

Just let that sink in for a minute…Not only are you getting involved with a person in a fragile emotional state, but you’re also adding a large sum of money to the mix.   Ask yourself: What level of trust would YOU need to have in a similar situation?

Would you trust the person that can’t be verified or found anywhere or the person that has a presence on social media where you can see the social proof that other people like them, and have done business with them? Having a website is great too, but let’s be honest, social media is where 90% of our online time is spent, and motivated sellers are no different.

Consistency shows a track record of your success. It shows potential sellers where you’ve been, what you’ve dealt with, and demonstrates that your business is solid. So they know you’ll be there for them when they need you most.


The second trait of showing up as a leader is having good character. Showing up with character means being a human with honor, integrity, and morals.

When you’re house is at risk, you want to know WHO you’re dealing with.  

A Business Doesn’t Have Character

A business doesn’t have character and that is why I take a stand against “We Buy Houses” posts for the most part, (and you should too).  

Be a 3-Dimensional Person

These types of posts do not impart anything about your character or personality. I want to build trust and rapport long before I ever give an offer. You need to show up on social media with a face, family, pets, great taste in local restaurants (and an occasional McDonald’s cheat shows just how human you are). These types of posts also prove that you are a part of the local community and that you are 3-dimensional – not just a business.   Use your posts to educate about your process, your expertise, and most importantly your WHY. Not the WHY about your own financial freedom and early retirement, but the reason that you chose to help distressed homeowners. In other words, show you care.  

Need More Traction from Your Social Media?

1. Be consistent. 2. Show off your good character.

Become a leader and the results will come in the form of referrals and opportunities.


If you’re struggling to be consistent, or need some good ideas about what to post, send me a DM on Instagram @reisocial for some free resources to get you started.