Virtual Assistant Hiring System

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Virtual Assistant Hiring System



Are you ready to hire a virtual assistant to help you manage your social media? Our Virtual Assistant Hiring System has everything you need to make hiring for this position fast and easy!

This system takes the thinking and planning out of your schedule so you can focus on what matters most: operating and growing your business!

Here’s What’s Inside

    • VA Hiring Checklist
      – This checklist takes you through the process step by step and makes sure you have everything you need to hire an all-star social media manager!
    • Ad Template
      – Not sure what you need to hire for? We’ve got you covered! This template includes all the most important skills your VA needs to have in order to manage your socials
    • Hiring Form and Scoring Model
      – Let this form do much of the interviewing for you. The form template includes 8 must-have questions to ensure you’re screening for the right qualities
      – The scoring model is an easy system that allows you to quickly see the candidates that are rising to the top (trust the numbers!)
    • Candidate Tracker
      – Easily track all your candidates in one place along with your notes and other important details about how they’ve scored


  • Daily Check-In
    – After you’ve found your ideal social media manager, use this document to track their daily activities.
    – This is the same document we use with our VAs to manage hundreds of clients and tasks
    – Keep your entire communication here and eliminate messy email chains, and lost documents!
    – Uncover areas where they are stuck
    – Course correct quickly