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Schedule, Share or Save

Tutorial: How to Schedule, Share or Save a Post

Now that your post has been customized just the way you want, it’s time to schedule, share or save it!

Review: Select and Customize Your First Post


1. Schedule Your Post

Select the calendar icon on the post you’re creating.

  1. Choose the date
  2. Choose the time
  3. Click “Schedule”


2. Share

You can share your post immediately on your social profiles by clicking on the “Send Now” button.


3. Save

If you’re not ready to schedule or share your post, you can save them for later editing.


Saving them to “Draft” will add them to the Drafts folder on the left side menu. Access this menu by clicking on “Engage” from the top navigation.


“Copy to Library” will create a copy of the post that will be saved in your own content library.