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Select and Customize
Your First Post

Tutorial: How to Select and Customize Your Posts

After you have your social media accounts connected it’s time to start posting!

Review: Connect Your Social Accounts

1. Select Your Post

During your trial, you have access to all of our content libraries including the premium content categories of Engagement and Investors.

To access our libraries navigate to the “Content” tab and select “My content” from the dropdown.


2. The REI Social Libraries

On the right side menu, under “Shared with Me” you’ll see all the available folders with posts. Simply select a folder and choose your first post.


Understanding Post Names

When you open a library you’ll notice duplicate posts. Each post has been designed for the optimal size on each platform. This means no resizing, or awkward cropping when you choose the post that corresponds to the network you’re posting to.

Each post is named with the extension of the service it is designed for.


  • 10053-FB House Sale Gamble – This has been designed for Facebook
  • 10053-GMB House Sale Gamble – This has been designed for Google My Business
  • 10053-IG House Sale Gamble – This has been designed for Instagram
  • 10053-LI House Sale Gamble – This has been designed for LinkedIn


Posting to Twitter is supported by our service, however as it is a micro-blogging service we have not developed special posts for this platform. You may connect Twitter to your LinkedIn account and share our LinkedIn posts to Twitter.

3. Customizing Your Post

Once you find a post you like, click the “Share” button to begin editing your post.


Confirm HTML so you’ll share the text and the image on your social profile.


  1. Select your services from the first field
  2. Each service will become a new tab where you can make edits like changing the post message (text) or adding different artwork. We recommend that you use the post art designed for each network for the best appearance. To do this, simply add all your services first. Then click the tab for that service and delete the image. Use the paperclip icon to add the post image designed for that network.
  3. Use the Calendar icon to schedule, use the Save toggle to make edits later, or Send now which will publish the post right away.


Next Step

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