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Social Media Brand Accelerator

This is How You Win Before You Arrive

✅ Be the only investor your ideal seller trusts.

✅ Be omnipresent and easily found.

✅ Have a unique brand that sets you apart from competitors in your market.

✅ Speak to your seller’s pain, and show them how you are the solution.

Stop Competing on Offer Price

Investors often spend hours of their precious time meeting with sellers only to end up competing on offer price because they don’t have the reputation to earn the seller’s trust.

Social media is the way to build a credible brand that sellers, agents, and other professionals trust.

Yet, many investors don’t understand how to make social media work for them. They are trapped in an endless cycle of competing on price and losing to investors who have a better brand reputation, or deeper pockets.

This workbook levels the playing field

The exercises and information in this workbook will help you:

  • Build a solid omnipresent brand
  • Communicate what sets you apart from your competitors
  • Earn the Know, Like, and Trust factors needed to close sellers
  • Position your brand as the go-to real estate solutions company
  • Find out how to use social media to win before you arrive

If you’re ready to stop competing on offer price and win the deal before your first conversation with a seller, this workbook is for you.

A Workbook Packed with Actionable Exercises to Help You Build a Powerful, Omnipresent Brand

Step-by-Step Brand Builder

Just follow the exercises inside the workbook to build your brand on social media!
Know what makes you unique: 
Develop your core values, brand personality and tagline to create a memorable brand. 
Set up the right social accounts: 
You don’t need to be on every network! Find out the ones that have the right demographic for real estate investors. 
Know what to post and when: 
30-days of social posting ideas combined with a weekly posting calendar gives you a solid strategy you can start using right away. (I even tell you what platform have your ideal audience!) 
22-Step checklist for promoting your brand: 
Tell the world about your business! This checklist gives 22 ways to start marketing and promoting your brand and building your social audience.

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