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Video Planning Kit

The Video Planning Kit is the perfect place to start if you’re new to video or want to level up your skills.

Create stunning videos

✅ Plan your content as a pro

✅ Improve your watch time

✅ Give your videos a professional polish

✅ Use the best scheduling strategy

55 pages cover the most important topics for creating videos that convert your views into leads.

  • Setting Goals for your Videos
    – Start at the End
    – 500 Foot View
    – Your Funnel
    – Create a Goals Statement
  • Content Planning
    – Know Your Audience
    – Creating Content Categories
  • Structure Videos for Maximum Watch Time
    – Creating a Good Title
    – Creating Eye-Catching Thumbnails
    – Use an Opening Hook
  • Video Recording
    – Planning Your Recording
    – Give Your Videos a Professional Polish
    – Tripods, Lighting and Microphones
    – Speaking & Presenting Tips
    – Video Editing
    – Using Calls-to-Action
  • Scheduling Posts
    – Using Facebook’s Meta Business Suite
  • Equipment Shopping List
    – Tripods
    – Lighting
    – Microphones

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